The terminals chosen in all sea ports are specially designed to meet the Group’s demand for flexibility in cargo handling. Most terminals are multi-purpose terminals which guarantee safe and professional handling of our various kinds of cargoes
Specially educated personnell is always at hand.

In the following we submit important information and details as regards to our main European ports of call. Especially our “home terminal” in Hamburg – Unikai – is presented to you in detail.


Grimaldi News 99

The Grimaldi News 99
published on a quarterly basis dedicated to maritime freight links offered by the Grimaldi Group.

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Schedule from Hamburg


West Africa | FCL/Projects   Export
West Africa | RoRo   Export
South America | FCL/Projects/ RoRo   Export
West Africa ex North America Export  
Euro-Aegean/-Med Sea | RoRo/Projects   Export
Mexico / US Gulf Coast   Export 
North America ACL | FCL/Projects/RoRo   Export