Special services rendered in the framework of our job as agency may lead to extra costs which are not covered by the booking commission agreed with the Line. Please see in the following our actual price list for possible “extra costs” listed below.

 Additional charges / Grimaldi Germany GmbH      
  Export - Containers / Project Cargo / RoRo / Cars & Vans
  Price in € net.  
  Documentation charges for Containers; submission of booking, manually | EDI
  80 | 20 per b/l
  Documentation charges for Project Cargo   50 per b/l  
  Booking Amendment Fee; applicable for any change to the booking by customer
  25 per cont
  Booking Cancellation Fee; applicable for cancellation, no show or roll by booking party at any time
  50 per cont
  Extra Local Customer Service charges
  Issue of a new set B's/L or after docs have been distributed   40 per B/L  
  Changes on manifest  after manifest was sent (w.o. BL change )   40 per B/L  
  Additional manifest (max 6 shipments)   150 lpsm  
  Change of destination after vessels departure   150  *1)  
  Delivery of cargo at port of discharge (presentation of the B's/L in Hamburg)   50 per B/L  
  Delivery of cargo at POD (without presentation of the orignal B's/L against L.O.I.)   150 per B/L  
  Change of terms of payment from 'prepaid' to 'collect' or v.v. after distribution of the docs   75 per B/L  
  Issue of the Z/B-number - incl. Issue of the loading docs   70 per unit  

Second measurement of cargo (if the Tally measurement has been proved wrong)

  150 per B/L  
  Weighing Charge for Trucks   35 per unit  
  Weighing Charge FCL Container - VGM  POL Hamburg   80 per unit  
  Weighing Charge FCL Container - VGM  POL Antwerp   --  
  VGM Manual Entry Fee   30 per unit  
  * 1) plus possible charges for the restowing/shifting of cargo and other activities      
  Import - all areas   Price in € net.    
  B/L release fee' - port of discharge : Hamburg   50 per B/L  
  B/L release fee' - port of discharge : other ports than Hamburg   50 per B/L  
  Issue of the origin. B's/L locally , if no docs have been issued in the port of loading   75 per B/L  
  Delivery of cargo at POD (without presentation of the original B's/L against L.O.I.)   100 per B/L  
  Issue of T-documents (by commodity group, max value €100.000)   on request
  Forwarding expenses - all areas      
  Mailing by 'DHL' within Germany (up to 500 gr)   45 per order
  Mailing by 'DHL' within Europe (up to the Letter 300 size)   60 per order
  All changes and requirements can create additional costs/charges in other ports or in the port of discharge -   prices subject to VAT
  those costs are not included in the above mentioned fees.      
  Actual : January 2024 subject to changes



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